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Of course you can start for free and the best thing is that you can have unlimited referrals
That depends on how many ads you see and how many referrals you have that will depend on you, what we do guarantee is that you will have ads every day

To withdraw you will have to create a coinbase account and the minimum withdrawal is $2.


If this is happening please contact us to solve the problem or give you information

If this is happening, it may be due to the cache of your browser, restart it and if it is not resolved, contact us

The minimum withdrawal is $2. and the maximum is $5000

The minimum withdrawal is $2. and the maximum is $10000

I can withdraw money by the perfect money processor. Yes, of course, the minimum withdrawal is $2 USD.

 We send withdrawals to the whole world in case you do not use coinbase or perfect money processor  you can use bitcoin wallet

The Minimum Withdrawal With faucetpay.io is $0.05.   

Payments are processed every 2 hours.

Paypal Was Added To Our Deposit Systems You Can Now Buy Plans and Advertising  

Very Easy Go to this link and Activate it.   https://clickyouone.com/plan  


You Can Have Unlimited Referrals You Can Find Your Referral Link In this LInk https://clickyouone.com/user/referral