Terms and Conditions of ClickYouOne

  • 1 Minimum Withdrawal: The minimum withdrawal amount in ClickYouOne is $2. Users must accumulate at least that amount before being able to request a withdrawal.

  • 2 Account Registration: To register on ClickYouOne, users are required to provide a secure password and a valid email address. These details will be used to access the account and receive communications related to the service.

  • 3 One Account per Device Restriction: Only one account per device is allowed. Each user must have a single active account on ClickYouOne.

  • 4 Withdrawals via Coinbase: All withdrawals on ClickYouOne will be processed through the Coinbase payment platform. Users must have a valid Coinbase account and provide their wallet address to receive payments.

  •  5 Support Contact: For any inquiries or assistance, the contact email is support@clickyouone.com. Users can reach out to the support team in case they need help or want to resolve issues related to their account.

  • 6 Age Restriction: The use of ClickYouOne is limited to individuals who are 18 years or older. Users must meet this age requirement to register and use the offered services.

  • 7 Free Accounts and Unlimited Referrals: Free accounts on ClickYouOne can have unlimited referrals. Users can invite others to join through their referral link and receive additional benefits.

  • 8 Daily Ad Viewing Limit: Users with free accounts can view up to 50 ads per day on ClickYouOne. This limit may be subject to changes according to the platform's policies.

  • 9 No Refunds: ClickYouOne does not offer refunds. Deposits made on the site can only be used within the platform.

  • 10 Ad Viewing Limit: Each ad can only be viewed once every 24 hours per user.

  • 11 Money Transfer between Accounts: Transferring money between accounts on ClickYouOne incurs a 15% fee based on the transferred amount.

  • 12 Account Suspension: ClickYouOne reserves the right to suspend or deactivate accounts that violate the established terms and conditions.

  • 13 Non-Guaranteed Earnings: ClickYouOne does not guarantee exact earnings when purchasing a plan. Results may vary based on individual effort and participation on the site.

    14 I can withdraw money by the perfect money processor. Yes, of course, the minimum withdrawal is $2 USD.

    15 We send withdrawals to the whole world in case you do not use coinbase you can use bitcoin wallet

    16 When purchasing any of our plans, we cannot guarantee an exact number of ads, as this is subject to the availability of our advertisers. However, we are committed to serving you as many ads as possible within the limits of your plan. We understand the importance of maximizing your exposure and will do everything we can to make sure you get the most out of our platform.

    17. "The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of Multiple Accounts is not allowed in ClickYouOne. The User may only have one account on the website and may not assign or transfer it to third parties. Failure to comply with this will result in the total blocking of your account, without the possibility of reimbursement, and the loss of everything generated and achieved in it."

    The use of automated bots and software.

    18.  "Users who are detected using bots or automation software may be penalized with the temporary or permanent suspension of their account. In addition, the use of bots goes against the ethical principles of digital marketing and can harm the reputation of the brand and company. At ClickYouOne we value authenticity. These users may also be excluded from future promotions and discounts offered by ClickYouOne. The reason for this ban is to ensure fair and equal competition on the platform, preventing some users from gaining advantages over others when using automated tools to carry out actions on the platform."

    Fraudulent activities within ClickYouOne.

    19. "Use of fake or stolen accounts: The use of fake or stolen accounts to carry out transactions on the ClickYouOne platform is strictly prohibited."

    20. "Use of accounts on behalf of third parties without your consent: It is strictly prohibited to create an account on ClickYouOne in the name of another person without your express written permission. If someone is found to have established an account on behalf of a third party without authorization, the necessary measures will be taken, including the immediate deletion of the account."

    21. "Providing False Information: Any information provided during the registration process, such as name and email address, must be accurate and verifiable. Providing false or misleading information will be considered fraudulent on the part of the user and may result in in the suspension or deletion of the account."

    22. "Multiple Account Creation: Only one active account per ClickYouOne user is allowed. The creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of taking advantage of promotions or other fraudulent activities will result in the immediate deletion of all accounts involved."

    23. "Participation in illegal activities: Any illegal or fraudulent activity carried out through the use of ClickYouOne will be reported to the authorities and legal action will be taken against the user."

    24. "Click Manipulation: Any attempt to manipulate ClickYouOne's click system will be considered fraudulent activity. This includes the use of bots, scripts or other automated tools that manipulate clicks."

    In general, all activities that violate ClickYouOne's rules and regulations and applicable laws will be considered fraudulent and will be penalized accordingly.

    Changes in terms and conditions.

    25 "We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. At

    Last Update 06/26/2023